Bright Lights Internship

Desktop Publishing Class

This week Stephen is teaching a “Desktop Publishing” course. He’s teaching the class primarily for our four Bright Lights interns (so they will be more capable and equipped to help with Bright Lights) but we also opened it to our community, and we ended up with a nice sized group of home school students.

Today (day one) everyone learned the nine steps of graphic design, the importance of drawing “thumbnails” before you start your project, the eleven design rules, how to organize text on a page, how to edit photos in Photoshop, and how to make grids and insert text and graphics into InDesign, and all about picas, points, CMYK, RGB, different types of files, and other basic information, etc.

The day was somewhat intense, especially for those who weren’t familiar with InDesign and Photoshop, but everyone did great! We are looking forward to a fun and stretching week!

( “…Help, Stephen! ……it’s not working…… ” )


  1. Neat! Hm, I might want to do that sometime. The last picture caption was funny; it reminds me of when I took Web Design; we had plenty of “it’s not working” times!

  2. That last picture is really funny! Yes, I know how that goes…I’m kinda the “computer expert” in out house and whenever someone calls “it’s not working!” I’m the one who has to come!

  3. Hey, thanks stephen
    you did a great job.
    I really enjoyed the

    P.S Wow I do believe that
    is a widow:-)

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