DEEPER Conference

Two weeks ago, Nickie, Bekah and I drove to Cincinnati to attend the Living Waters’ DEEPER Conference.

The conference was doctrinally rich, “diving deeper” into the Person of Jesus Christ. Each session pointed to Christ in a different way–analogies between Adam and his bride and Christ and His bride, developing a solid understanding of the doctrine of imputation, understanding and applying the ultimate proof for defending the faith, the coming judgment of God, seeing Jesus in the Old Testament, and knowing how to answer common asked questions about witnessing. These are just a quick summary of some of the topics presented. I loved the fact that the speakers brought our attention back to Jesus again and again.

Lots of passionate people buying tracts, books, and DVDS.

We enjoyed getting accquainted with these young ladies from TN who are excited about missions and discipleship.

After the conference, we spent a few days volunteering at the Creation Museum, the Answers in Genesis Pastor’s Conferenc, and then we ran a Bright Lights booth at the Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ True Woman’s Conference in Indianapolis. Check back because I will post pictures about the rest soon!


  1. WoW! Looks like a lot of people really wanted to become “deep”ly closer to Christ!
    Can you believe it’s been exactly one year since Bright Lights Leader’s Training?

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