Homeschool Conferences

California and Connecticut

Sarah, Stephen and I flew to our last two home school conferences–one in California and one in Connecticut.

For our last conference, we “shipped” some of our material via suitcase, since we were allowed to check 2 suitcases per person. We had 6 large suitcases, 3 small suitcases, and 3 other carry-ons. Twelve pieces of luggage and only three people makes it a bit harder to get around! I tried to push them all like a little train but it didn’t work. [smile]

We had a rather unique trip to Connecticut, actually. Stephen found a cheap flight from Chicago to Boston, so we drove to Chicago Wednesday night, slept a few hours in the van, and then arrived at the airport at 4 AM to get everything checked in time for our 6 AM flight. After arriving in Boston, we drove 2 hrs. to Connecticut, picked up the rest of our boxes at UPS, set up our booth at the convention center, checked into the hotel, and then spoke at the conference at 5:00 PM. A rather long day. [smile]

One of the highlights of the conference is making friends with young ladies who are interested in discipleship and hoping to start Bright Lights groups.

Sarah explaining about the Bright Lights material.

We ordered a quick digital printing of Will Our Generation Speak? so we could have a box for these conferences. It is definitely exciting to be actually getting them into peoples’ hands! Our large shipment of books will be delivered to our office this Thursday.

The conference hours run until 8:30pm, so sometimes we have an adventure trying to find a place to eat after that. This night we found a little Greek place and had a really nice time there.

Stephen loves getting his picture taken, as you can tell.

We were grateful for the scale in the fitness room at the hotel. [smile] Since suitcases have to be under 50 lbs., we had to do some careful adjusting in packing on the way there and back.

Both conferences (Long Beach, CA and Hartford, CT) were encouraging times. We were grateful to have many encouraging talks with people, and we really appreciate those who are praying. Sometimes I think about all the things that could go wrong but don’t, and I’m so grateful for the Lord’s hand of care, protection, and blessing.


  1. It looks like you had a fun time while encouraging others! I am really looking forward to reading your book, Grace.

    God bless,

  2. Aww, I can’t believe you were in California and I didn’t even know about it. 🙂 Oh, well. Maybe next time. Do you guys have any plans for coming back to CA this year?

  3. Counting down the days till the conferences in Topeka! Looking forward to it!! 🙂

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