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Yesterday morning about 30 girls ages 13 and up from our local Bright Lights group gathered in a quiet park outside of town to spend the day seeking God. We had lots of time set aside for individual Bible study and prayer, and it was so refreshing to “come away” to a quiet place in the park to be alone with the Lord. We each found our own grassy area where we laid our blanket and followed outlines Sarah had given us…studying Psalm 119 and various New Testament passages, memorizing, self-examination before the Lord, studying various “hearts” in Scripture, studying the names of God, and personal prayer and worship.

We also came together as a group several times for sharing, (both about what God was teaching us and about how many daddy-long legs crawled unto our blanket in the last hour…), singing, lunch, and ultimate frisbee.

Almost everyone shared special verses that the Lord had given them during their time alone, and it was encouraging to hear many of the girls share the same report: how they had been impressed with the desire to seek the Lord not partially, but completely – with all their heart.

We also divided into smaller groups for prayer and for one-on-one sharing. We concluded with a pizza party in our church basement. It was a great day!


  1. Hey Grace!

    I’m actually commenting your blog! lol. =)

    I really had a great time at the Leader’s Retreat, and I was very encouraged by the peaceful time that we got to spend alone and also by the fellowship of like-minded girls.

    We will definitely have to do something like it again!

    In Christ,

  2. that a great idea! Yes Bible study and prayer outdoors i a refeshing time. I enjoy swinging and singing. :):):):)

  3. wow! I am even more inspired about our Bright Lights group after looking through these stories. I also would love to find out more about the video you showed to the fathers and daughters.
    I stand I stand in awe of the Lord and what He has, and is doing through you all in this ministry. You are all such an inspiration.

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