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Last night at Bright Lights Sarah taught the younger girls downstairs on “truthfulness” while the older girls watched a video upstairs called “Why I choose to believe the Bible”. It refuted many of the common modern arguments regarding the reliability and trustworthiness of Scripture. We all enjoyed it a lot.


For our activity last night, we divided into teams and had each team nominate a candidate to run for the pretend role of “chef for the year”. Then we all listened and laughed as each candidate gave a speech on why everyone should vote for them. Many of the tactics they tried to use sounded pretty familiar to the presidential candidates we’ve been listening to recently… 🙂 We tallied up the votes and announced the winners by percentages at the end of the night.


  1. Hmm, yes. Ocean Francaise. haha.
    I can’t even cook!

    I’m glad I was there to watch the video, though. Today while I was talking with a guy during my lunch, (his name was George) I was sharing the gospel. And I asked him the questions, “what do you know about eternity?” and “who do you think Jesus Christ was?” He’d heard all about religion before and seemed to almost mock me as I sat there sharing. but when I was finished he fired back, “How do you know God is real?” And I remembered the video we watched and I was able to answer back, “because, at much as we’d like to, you can’t scientifically prove or disprove history. To prove something through the scientific method it has to be measurable, observable, and repeatable, which history is none of. And I went onto explain how it was written by eyewitnesses in the lifetime of other eyewitnesses, etc. And seem almost shocked that I had such a quick answer. I guess he anticipated stumping me. Which it probably would have if I hadn’t seen that video! Since he had nothing to say, I left him with that thought that eternity could be one heart-beat away. And that he has NOW to decide.

    I think overall, I really got him to start thinking about God and eternity, which was my goal.

    The Lord has been working so much at my school! And I’m so thankful for your example of sharing your faith with others, Grace! It’s such a huge encouragement!!!

    Love in Christ,

  2. Jenni, I was so encouraged to hear your report! I praise the Lord for how He is using you. I’m sure the joy you felt as you walked a way from that conversation (esp. after seeing God’s hand in preparing you with a ready answer!) made the effort worth it! Have you ever noticed that the joy the Lord gives when we obey Him and witness doesn’t compare to other kinds of happiness here on earth?!
    He is so good.

  3. Dear sarah and Grace,
    I was just wondering if you could add somthing to the Bright Light websit like on grace notes, so that people could leave testimonies.
    love in Christ Lydia

  4. Lydia,
    That’s a good idea. We’d like to update and “re-do” our websites soon, and hopefully add some new features.
    Thanks for your prayers because it’s difficult for us to get everything on our “to do” list actually done… 🙂

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