Hi everyone, On my recent blog post of our church’s bike trip, I shared a one minute video of singing in a living room. It was brought to my attention that an inappropriate video came up next on my Vimeo channel. This happened because I was sharing that video from my own personal Vimeo account (not our larger, Tomorrow’s Forefathers account). Because of that, I did not have control over what came up next. I guess I didn’t fully realize the danger of that, or perhaps Vimeo just recently made changes and allows really bad videos to creep in. I have now made all those videos on that account inaccessible, so the blog is now safe. I am very sorry that I wasn’t more careful, and I pray no harm was done. I realized afterward that I could have had my settings in Vimeo adjusted to avoid this.

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  1. Grace, I’ll be honest, I didn’t follow the link, so I was saved the embarrassment, but it reminds me of a similar “Net -scapade”. Every year I write a series of Christian puppet plays for a couple from my assembly who travel across the states doing VBS, camp, and conference work. One year I wrote one that allowed the characters to advertise their own website. The idea was to make further discipleship and spiritual follow-up available for children with characters of which they were acquainted. I created a website specifically for the occasion. Not long after, a parent contacted me and said that the web url address took them to a vile x-rated website. I was shocked and embarrassed obviously. When I researched the matter, I found out that with one misspelling, children might potentially end up in that other place. I took the website down quickly, fearing that someone might see it and get the wrong message. Satan is definitely out there “seeking whom he may devour” and he is constantly finding ways to hinder the wonderful message of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’ll continue to pray for the ministry. John 14:27

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