Announcing a Prayer Caucus

Typical Iowa Landscapes…

Our family lives in Iowa. Ever heard of that state before? 🙂
Below is an e-mail our family sent out yesterday. If you live nearby, I hope you can make it! If you don’t, let me suggest setting up something similar in your community.

Dear Friends,

As you know, Iowa is a pretty exciting place to live these days with the 2008 caucus right around the corner. I’m sure many of you have the same questions our family has had. What should our involvement be? As Christians, what is the best way to influence this nation? What is the most effective way we can use our time? The whole country is looking at Iowa right now. How does God want us to use this opportunity that we have?

Well, we’re not sure we have the answers to all those questions. But we do know that the most powerful way we can be involved is by prayer. I assume that all of us have been in prayer individually for our country and for the upcoming elections, but we would like to schedule a collective time of prayer for this nation and the upcoming caucus and election.

We’d like to invite all of you to join us for a special prayer meeting on Tuesday, December 18th.

Time: 7:00
Place: Cedar Rapids Bible Chapel
Plan for the Evening: This is not a political event or a church service for preaching or worship. Due to the time of year, however, we will plan to enjoy singing some Christmas carols together. Feel free to bring some Christmas cookies to share if you would like. We will supply punch, coffee, and tea.

It would be wonderful to have as many fathers present as possible and at least a couple representatives from as many churches as possible. We would especially ask for many of the shepherds of the Body of Christ in our area to be present also. No one will be asked to pray aloud but there will be that opportunity for those who want to.

Our Prayer Focus:
Thanksgiving for God’s blessing to our land and our families
Confession to the Lord of the sins of our land
Petition for His protection, provision, direction, and blessing

Day of Fasting: Our family would also like to suggest Thursday, December 20th as a day of prayer and fasting for this country.

“For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.” (Psalm 75:6-7)

Feel free to forward this e-mail to others or to invite friends to join us for this special meeting for prayer.

I’ve also include an attachment entitled “a different kind of caucus” explaining some of the thoughts behind our prayer meeting.

May God bless each of your families this Christmas season!

For His Glory,

The Mally Family


A Thought-Provoking Artical from My Dad:

As Christians we have been wondering for many years how to best keep America strong for the Lord. Without question God DID bless America in the past but is He blessing America now and will He in the future. Is “In God We Trust” a true statement? Certainly we as Christians do not put our trust in politics but in the gospel. Though America is not the equivalent of the Kingdom of God, nevertheless God wants every nation to glorify Him. It is good when we can live in peace and not have our land plagued with evil things. Of course there will always be enemies but when any people humble themselves before the Lord He is able to heal their land. And He must do it because man cannot do it on human effort or human wisdom or all the dollars in the world.

Therefore, as Christians living in Iowa, knowing that Iowa plays an interesting and unique role in American presidential politics, and knowing that Linn County is a major and influential population center of this state, we encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ to petition the Lord, at what may be an unusual point and pivotal point in U.S. history. It is possible that what happens in the next month in Iowa will have a dramatic effect on the future of this nation. It is possible that what happens in Linn County alone could affect the state, the country and the world. But it will not be due to politics. It will be due to the hand of God alone responding to the humility of His people.

We invite you to come and pray. Perhaps it could be called a “prayer caucus”. It will not be to choose a candidate but to pray for God’s blessing on this land as the selection process of candidates begins. We desire for God to bring into leadership men who are faithful to him. Men who lead by conviction rather than follow by polls. Men who know the truth rather than who are victims of deception and misconception. Men who decide issues by foundational beliefs rather than by majority opinion. Men who know that America will be healthy not because of fiscal strategy, party cooperation, foreign policy, oil, or education but only by God’s blessing.

How will we regain God’s blessing? Not by political victory but by the humility, confession, repentance, and petition of God’s people. Therefore a collective “prayer caucus” ought to precede the political process. Let us come together to collectively humble ourselves together before the Lord. Then we will wait and watch the hand of the Lord.

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