Bright Lights Office/Miscellaneous

A few pictures from the day….

This morning we had an open house at the new Bright Lights office / ministry buildling for those who have volunteered over the past year. We showed pictures and told many stories of how the Lord has provided…

Many stuck around and talked for a while afterwards.

This afternoon the internship girls painted Stephen’s old office–now a bedroom at what we call “the guest house”.

We had a fun time singing tonight with the internship girls.


  1. Hi Grace!
    Looks like all of the people and interns had a great time! I also liked the photo of the interns and Sarah playing the pinao, violin and singing!

  2. Hey!
    You guys are so awesome! The Lord has blessed you in so many ways. keep up the GREAT work!

  3. I am looking forward to seeing you girls and singing too! I have been enjoying teaching my girls Hymns and lessons. We are finally finished with set one.

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