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A Few Pictures from Thanksgiving Yesterday

Being the youngest in the family, you never outgrow the “kids” table! Thats ok, I’m sure we had a lot more fun, anyway. 🙂 (Pictured above are Stephen and I with our cousins Laura and Andy, and our Uncle Ron cutting an amazing pecan desert he made.)

The “adult” table

Andy and Stephen, entertaining themselves with a half-broken flashlight…


  1. Looks like so much fun! What exactly is a half-broken flashlight? 😀 Either it works or it doesn’t! 😀
    Personally, we didn’t have a big family gathering. Just me and my parents, and brother. It was nice and relaxing to not rush everywhere.
    I was wondering when I would hear about whether or not I’ve been accepted for the summer Internship? I’m getting a li’l impatient! lol 😛
    Have a nice weekend!
    > Laura

  2. Hi Laura! Yeah, I think with the flashlight when it pointed up it worked and when it pointed down it didn’t, or something like that. 🙂 We have been thinking and praying about the Internship and we are just praying that God would really make it clear who are the right ones….. so the final decision may not be made for a couple months. I know that probably sounds like a long time to wait. Is there are certain date you need to know in order to make other plans? We will try to be as flexible/workable as possible. These decisions are important, and we try to make them wisely…… anyway, I’m glad you are interested that you applied! It will be neat to see how God leads and what he arranges for the future. 🙂

  3. I’ll probably need to know shortly after the New Year. My dad needs to put in for time off in advance- as he’ll be driving me out to you guys if I’m accepted 😀
    So for now, I guess God is trying to teach me some patience. He’s been very faithful in teaching me the right things at the right time!
    With a happy sigh,
    Laura 😛

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