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A Cool Guy Preaches On Haggai

Last week my brother Stephen preached at our church on Haggai. I’m glad that he rehearsed his message with me and Sarah the day before because that was a lot of content to process (and he talks fast!).

If you’ve been wondering about the significance of Zerubbabel being a ‘signet ring,’ the chronological order of the minor prophets, why the dates of Haggai’s four prophecies are important, the difference between Darius I (the Great) and Darius the Mede, or practical lessons we can take away from the book of Haggai, this sermon is for you!

Stephen ended with three questions:

“Is there someone who I could ‘spur on’ to good works by words of encouragement?”
“In what ways should I be more diligent in what God has told me to do?”
“If I remember that the Lord Himself is with me, how will that affect my perspective each day?”


  1. Has anyone else been able to play this video? I don’t know if it is our computer or Vimeo, but my Mom, Dad, and I have tried different days to play this, and it skips right to the end :(. I really would like to hear it! If anybody has had problems and figured it out, I would love to know :). Thanks!

  2. It worked yesterday :). Thanks for taking one of the minor prophets and sharing about it with us, Stephen :)…

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