Month: September 2009


Bright Lights E-mail Account Lost


Pictured here is my computer hard drive in the freezer. It died last week and Stephen tried everything he could think of to get it to work again (including freezing it) but nothing worked…it’s gone.
We’re thankful that many files were backed up elsewhere, but we did lose my whole e-mail account from the past 6 months–which includes all of the Bright Lights e-mails.
If you’ve been trying to contact us recently please e-mail again! Thank you!

Witnessing Stories

Making the Most of a Bus Ride!

IMG_5288Micah Noel, Sarah, Bryant

Micah Noel and Bryant were a special part of our team on our last Bright Lights conference trip. After the trip, they took a bus from our house back to their home in Kansas City. They asked to borrow some gospel tracks for the trip home, and we assured them we’d pray for witnessing opportunities for them. But we didn’t know to what extent they really were shining their light until we read the exciting report on Bryant’s blog. We thought you would enjoy it too. Click here to read it.

IMG_5289Micah Noel, Sarah, Bryant, myself