Month: January 2009

Bright Lights Office

Speedy Moving Day!




We couldn’t believe how fast everything was moved today — thanks to so many energetic friends who came to help!! We were suprised when we finished around 11:30am!



Here is the little desk Stephen was using when he rented a drawer to Sarah. (You may remember the story if you’ve read our book.) Today it went to a new home.

Bright Lights Office

Bright Lights Office Moving…..

The new Bright Lights office / ministry building is now finished and was approved by the city inspector last week! We are now in the process of moving!
Packing up the “old house” where the Bright Lights office has been….

Sarah and Nickie

This is only one of the 3 basement rooms. I can’t tell you how grateful we are to the Lord for SPACE! This room will be our packing orders / work room. The other rooms are for our warehouse and storage. Upstairs is office space. More pictures to come.

Today, Sarah, Stephen, and I (plus a few others who stopped by and helped – Tracy, Carlos and my grandpa) spent most of the day at the building organizing and cleaning, moving things around, consolidating, sorting, and preparing for our the big moving day we have planned for tomorrow. We finally finished late tonight and crashed at Pancheros. Yum.


Baby Rescue


Some of you may remember the story in our book (chapter 5, page 109) about when I got a fish hook stuck in my foot. Today we recieved the following e-mail:

Just wanted to share how your book helped us in a practical way today. I have been working through “Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends” with my kids….
…Our favorite part are the stories you all share to relate your lessons. Well, thanks to one such story we were able to avoid tragedy here in the George home today. My little ones were playing and fishing out back in the lake when I heard some crying and went to see what was happening. My 1 year old had a fishing hook stuck through his mouth. Literally like you would catch a fish. All the way through! Well, your story immediately came to mind and thanks to that I knew NOT to pull the hook out because there is a barb on the end of the hook. We called 911 and waited on the fire rescue who came and cut the ends of the hook off and then were able to slide the rest out. He is doing great and sleeping peacefully as I type. I have thanked the Lord repeatedly for His care and for bringing your story to mind.

-Mother from Miami

Also note:
We just learned that this family has a 9-year-old boy, CJ, who was diagnosed with cancer last September and is preparing to go into a heavy, 7-week treatment beginning one week from today. Please keep this family in your prayers! Click here to visit their blog.

Family News

Surprising Trust

Since my dad wasn’t feeling well last night, I got the job of cutting Stephen’s hair. I told him (as I was cutting) how I really had never done this before and wasn’t sure what I was doing.


Bible Reading Plan


I’ve been suprised and encouraged by how many people have told me they are doing the Bible reading plan! (And I’m optimistically assuming there are many more who haven’t told me.)

Just tonight I was talking with a friend of mine who told me of her little sister’s excitement about doing this Bible reading plan knowing that so many others are doing it too.

Here are a few responses I’ve received over e-mail:

“I am really enjoying the beginning of Genesis. Are you? As I have focused on only three to four chapters a day I have really picked up on a lot of interesting things! It is kind of cool to know someone who is reading in the same places you are!”

“The real reason that I’m writing…is to thank you for posting about reading through the Bible chronologically. I’ve decided to do it, too! I was just praying the other day and asking the Lord to give me ideas of what to do next in my Bible study time, and then I read your post. It was perfect timing. So, thanks.”

“…about reading the Bible. The holidays get pretty hectic. Anyway, I’m going to do it. It sounds like a lot of fun and I’ve always wanted to. I discussed it with my mom and she’s going to do it with me!”

“I was actually searching and searching for a chronological Bible reading plan this whole month and I couldnt find one just written out! That is perfectO, and I will definitely be reading with it, along with one or 2 other girls from my church. Thanks a lot!!”

“I’m trying the chronological Bible plan you and Sarah mentioned (on your blog and in the BL update letter) this year! My quiet time verse for this morning was Job 16:20-21 (“My intercessor is my friend as my eyes pour out tears to God; on behalf of a man he pleads with God as a man pleads for his friend.” ) I like to think of Jesus being my friend – sometimes life can feel a bit lonely. And I like the thought that Jesus intercedes for me before God. When I pray for others I should have the same attitude of mercy, rather than a condemning and complaining attitude….Thanks for passing on the plan! It’s going to be neat to see how the order goes.” =)

Family News

Random Reports from December…

December was a busy month! Here are a few pictures of various activities.

One night we went caroling with friends from church. We received so many warm responces like, “In the 26 years I’ve lived here, I’ve never had carolers come to the door!” and “Could you please sing just one more?” We tried to sing the songs that have the clearest Christian message. It was so much fun. I’d highly recommend doing it in your neighborhood next year!

Cousins came to visit over Christmas

It’s a great thing when your grandpa discovers you like dark chocolate.

We’ve been spending quite a bit of time at the Bright Lights / ministry building. It’s looking good and we are encouraged! Here our friend Dave is adjusting a tile he just laid.

Stephen gave the sermon at church one Sunday in December. He spoke on Christophanies, climaxing with the incarnation. This stack of books was sitting outside his bedroom door…. 🙂

Our Bright Lights Christmas party was a special time. Lots of the older girls pitched in and decorated, planned a skit, sang a special number, and prepared encouraging thoughts to share. The younger girls dressed up fancy and seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Serving peppermint hot cocoa


Announcing: Upcoming Bright Lights Internship!

February 9th – April 22nd, 2009

Over the past several years, we have often had girls stay with us for short periods of time to help with Bright Lights. This has been a huge blessing to Bright Lights, but we are very pleased to now be able to organize a more complete internship.

Internship Activities:

-Desktop Publishing class (taught by Stephen)

-Bright Lights Office Responsibilities (correspondence, orders, material compilation, graphic design, various projects)

-Ministry Assignments (Help in our local Bright Lights group, leading Bright Lights conferences, representing Bright Lights at homeschool conferences, one-on-one discipleship opportunities, evangelism)

-Studies and Training

We are turning our “office house” into a guest house where the girls will be staying. This is directly behind the house where our family lives.

Since we are still “in transition” we feel it’s best for this first internship to be small. So far there are three girls who are planning to come, but we would be able to take one or two more. This internship is designed for young ladies who are already ministry minded, have zeal for the Lord, have fruit in their lives, and are seeking further areas of ministry and leadership. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

“Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12