We are now in Georgia on our way home again! All the conferences went very well… they were exciting and tiring. It’s hard to give a full report in one paragraph. Overall, we were thankful to the Lord for the way He worked. It was encouraging to see little girls making commitments to read their Bibles everyday, mothers requesting more tissue boxes, joyful laughter, good times of singing, enthusiastic responses… we were encouraged. Thank you all so much for your prayers.

Tonight we all had fun outside around a bonfire. Yesterday we had a great time at the beach in Jacksonville. It’s a good feeling to be on our way home now. I have lots of pictures that I will post soon. My laptop (actually, Stephen’s old laptop) keeps dying on me (no idea why Stephen gave it up…) so that’s why I’m not posting the pictures now. Oh, the joys of being the youngest–you get to use everything your older siblings don’t want anymore. 🙂