The Sunglasses Thief


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The Sunglasses Thief

Guard your Heart: Stealing

From the back:
It’s a special day for Mia King. Mom takes her to the toy store in the mall. Mia discovers a display of beautiful sunglasses. However, Mom won’t buy her a pair. Mia is disappointed. Should she steal her favorite ones? She knows stealing is wrong but thinks nobody will notice if she quickly hides them in her pocket. At home, Mia feels sad and sorry for stealing.
It’s wonderful that she remembers God loves her and will forgive stealing if she asks Him for forgiveness. But will Mia find the courage to do all she needs to do to make things right?


Author : Esther Weiss
Ages : from age 6
Pages : 16 pages, with interactive flaps and full-color illustrations

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