The Electrifying Nervous System


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Discover Your Design!

Developed by a homeschooling pediatrician, this book focuses on the amazing design and functionality of the human body’s nervous system.

You will discover:

The main areas and structures of the brain and what important role each plays in making your body work
Awesome examples of God’s creativity in both the design and precision of human anatomy showing you are wonderfully made
Important historical discoveries and modern medical techniques used for diagnosis and repair of the brain!

Learn interesting and important facts about why you sleep, the function of the central nervous system, what foods can
superpower your brain functions, and much more in a wonderful exploration of the brain and how it controls the wondrous
machine known as your body!

Author: Lainna Callentine, M. Ed., M.D.
96 pages
Written for children in 3rd-6th grade

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