Six Days of Creation


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By Henry Morris III
48 pages

“This book answers questions that arise from a literal look at Genesis.”

Everybody believes in something. Whether secular humanist, atheist, ardent Muslim, or other belief, all men and women have faith in something—some “source” that expresses their beliefs about who they are and why they are here.

The book of Genesis is the source for the Christian belief system. It is the foundation of everything that God has undertaken on behalf of humanity. For that reason, a correct understanding of Genesis is essential for a correct understanding of our identity, our responsibility, and our future.

Should we believe in a literal creation? Are the written words of the book of Genesis to be treated as historical fact? What does Genesis have to say about what and how God created?

Join Dr. Henry Morris III in Six Days of Creation as he explores these and other questions about the origins of all things.

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