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A Quiet Time Journal
128 pages

This journal was designed by the Thomsen sisters who lead a girls ministry in Ohio. It is a great resource for girls in Bright Lights groups (or any young ladies).

This Quiet Time Journal explains what a Quiet Time is and how to have a Quiet Time. Additionally, it provides a 90 day set of journal pages for a young woman to read systematically through the gospel of John.

This journal is designed to be a tool to help girls be consistent in their daily Bible reading, challenging them to take the time to really think about what they are reading. It divides the gospel of John into 90 sections, encouraging girls to read a passage each day, choose a verse that stands out to them, and write down their thoughts and questions.

How do I or my daughter use this journal?

First of all, when having a Quiet Time, pray and ask the Lord to help you understand His Word (Psalm 119:18). Secondly, read the selection of Scripture for that day. Then, write out a personally chosen verse from the reading with your own thoughts about the verse. Finally, talk to God about the verse you have chosen.

This product can be used with any Bible translation.

A lot of devotionals include mostly “thoughts from the author,” but this one really gets girls right into the Word themselves. Choosing one verse from what you read is a very simple assignment … but perhaps one of the best Bible study methods. And the gospel of John is an important book for every Christian to study.

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