Prosper: Enjoying Intimacy with God


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By Nate Bramsen
Paperback: 248 pages

From the back:

The word conjures a plethora of thoughts in the mind of most, but in the Word of God, prospering is not found in the plenitude of possessions, physical prowess, or political power. Rather, it is in the sweet savor of meditating on God’s Word, soaking in God’s law, and intimately knowing the heart of God.

Do we live in a state of spiritual poverty when God invites us to truly prosper? What is the journey from merely knowing about God to enjoying intimacy with Him? What if your trying circumstances are actually perfectly suited for you to know and enjoy God more?

Written during his bout with cancer, Nate takes the reader on a journey through Psalm 1:2-3, examining thirty-one angles of the blessed life. To prosper isn’t an ambiguous idea in Scripture; it is a Divine invitation to all who want to “know their God…stand firm and take action” (Daniel 11:32). Rather than seeking easy answers, this book requires the reader to ask and contemplate heart-probing questions which investigate the root causes that keep Christ’s followers from the joy of intimacy with Himself.

The question remains.

Are you willing to take the journey?

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