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The digital age emerged suddenly on the world’s timeline and has drastically changed the shape of culture. Consequently, today’s
entertainment has become one of the biggest stumbling blocks to spiritual growth and family health in our nation. Parenting teens
was a noble challenge long before society became surrounded by captivating screens, and navigating life as a teen had plenty of
difficulties and distractions long before the game changing technology of the smartphone. The bottom line is that parents and teens
are both in need of help!

Our generation is faced each day with an all-you-can-eat media buffet. It has a huge influence on how we think, how we spend our time,
and how we relate to others. It can also affect our relationship with God. Christians have been eager to keep up with the sweeping
changes but have fallen far behind in Biblical wisdom. There is a growing need for media discernment in the light of following Jesus.
Very few authors have broached the topic of media literacy from a Christian worldview. Phillip Telfer handles this challenging subject
deftly with story-driven analogies that serve as a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. While this does not conclude with a call
to be anti-media or anti-technology, it does raise concerns about the unchecked enthusiasm regarding media and entertainment, which
are often consumed without discretion. This book will help you discover the Biblical principles that can inspire reasonable convictions

Learn how God’s word addresses the unique challenges we face today. This book can help parents and teens discover how and why
to guard their hearts and find freedom in this media captive culture.

Format: Paperback
Author: Phillip Telfer
252 pages

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