A Mother’s Prayer Calendar


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A Mother’s Daily Help in Blessing Her Children
By Beverly Kirk

“Every Wise Woman Buildeth her house”
A 31 Day Prayer Calendar

This stand up perpetual monthly flip calendar is a wonderful resource to help mothers pray for their children. There are 31 days with each day featuring a different character trait. Each page has a specific trait of godliness to pray for your children and Bible verses that correspond with that trait. When you turn the calendar around, there is a hymn that goes with the trait of godliness for that day.

Table of Contents:
1 Love You and Your Word
2 Obedience
3 Integrity and Godliness
4 Health and Wholeness in Heart and Body
5 Gratefulness and Joy
6 Servant Heart
7 Security in God
8 God-Consciousness
9 Self-Control and Discipline
10 Contentment
11 Purpose in Life
12 Love for Others
13 Pure Lips
14 Forgiveness
15 Clear Conscience
16 Industry
17 Carefulness
18 Faith
19 Think on Truth
20 Witness
21 Faithfulness
22 Quiet Spirit
23 Freedom
24 Courteous
25 Sensitive to God’s Voice
26 Perseverance
27 Humble Heart
28 Discernment
29 Reverential Fear
30 Submission
31 Transparancy

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