Green Leaf in Drought


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By Isobel Kuhn
112 pages

Green Leaf in Drought is the story of the escape of the last China Inland mission members from Communist China.

Through times of deep trial, as the Mathews were stuck in China in the 1950s, they kept their eyes fixed on Christ and experienced His sustaining power. As outward circumstances grew worse and worse, their roots continued to sink deeper and deeper into the One who was their source of strength. Their beautiful story demonstrates that our leaf truly can stay “green” even in the hardest times, and the Lord can bring forth fruit in the most unexpected of ways.

The experiences that Arthur and Wilda Mathews endured during their ordeal under Communism answer the question relevant to us all in every age: Is it possible for a Christian to put forth green leaves when all he enjoys in this life is drying up around him?

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