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This discipleship course is recommended for use in a Bright Lights group, a small group setting, or for young ladies and mothers to read and discuss together. Covering many fundamental areas (see topics below), this course is designed to encourage young ladies to use their teen years for the Lord. Each illustrated lesson contains biblical insights, practical applications, and testimonies from girls who share how the Lord has been working in their lives.

Package includes two Bright Lights binders, Sets 1-8 (49 eight-page booklets), 8 CDs which contain stories and testimonies and the Mother/Daughter Discussion Guide for Set One.

Set 1:
1. Being Strong for the Lord in Your Youth
2. Developing a Close Relationship with Your Parents
3. Gaining a Clear Conscience
4. Developing a Disciplined Walk with God
5. Understanding the Fear of the Lord
6. Accepting the Way God Created You
7. Being Fully Dedicated to God

Set 2:
1. Truthfulness
2. How to share the Gospel
3. Mercy
4. How to Develop a Ministry

Set 3:
1. Contentment
2. Sensitivity
3. Meekness
4. Humility
5. Self Control

Set 4:
1. Holiness
2. Discernment
3. Words
4. Friends
5. Polluting Influences
6. Purity
7. Courage to Stand Alone

Set 5:
1. Gratefulness
2. Complaining and Murmuring
3. Gossip
4. Disrespect
5. Disputing and Arguing
6. Honoring Your Parents

Set 6
1. Preparing to Be a Wife and Mother
2. Orderliness
3. Encouraging Younger Brothers and Sisters
4. Turning Your Heart to Your Father
5. Diligence
6. Being a Wise Steward of Money
7. Submission

Set 7
1. Wisdom
2. How to Receive a Rebuke
3. The Bible – Daily Reading
4. The Bible – Memorization/Meditation Reliability of Scripture
5. The Bible – Reliability of Scripture
6. How to Make a Wise Comment

Set 8
1) What Should I Wear?
2) Royal Apparel Part 1
3) Royal Apparel Part 2
4) Practical Modesty Suggestions
5) Joyfulness
6) Etiquette: Treating Others With Honor
7) Inner Beauty

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