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Trying to organize a discussion around the complete text of any full-length book can be unwieldy, and Biblical Eldership is no exception (“So, what did you guys think of chapter seven?” Silence…).

Now, with the help of this discussion guide, the elders at your church can review the principles of the book and personalize them to your setting in a few manageable sessions.

By capturing the major points and themes of Biblical Eldership in one-page summaries with discussion questions, the Biblical Eldership Discussion Guide will help you bridge the gap between understanding and application. Topics covered include:
• Why church government matters
• The biblical meaning of the term “elder”
• The four primary duties of an elder
• Sharing leadership equally among a group of men
• The biblical basis for male leadership in the church
• The importance of eldership qualifications
• Appointing elders
• The special relationship between elders and the congregation

It’s one thing to read about biblical eldership. It’s another to move from concept to practice. That takes sharp focus, guided discussion, and prayerful planning.

The Biblical Eldership Discussion Guide is designed to bring such focus and discussion to your planning process.

By: Alexander Strauch and Paul Santhouse
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Pages: 48 pages

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