Beauty in the Heart



A Study of Inner Beauty for Young Women

By Pam Forster
Ages 10-12 to Adult
128 pages

What does the Bible say about beauty? What attitudes does God value in a young woman’s heart? What actions are characteristic in the life of a truly beautiful woman? What attitudes and actions detract from, or even render disgusting, a woman’s physical beauty?

Discover answers to these questions while you learn how to mine for the riches that are hidden in God’s Word.

While studying godly beauty in Beauty in the Heart, you will also learn the fundamentals of different Bible study methods. In this book, you will learn how to:

• Use a concordance
• Study a specific topic in the Bible
• Perform a character study
• Use marginal study notes
• Study a verse, passage, or entire chapter or book of the Bible
• Find the original word used in a passage and how it is used in other passages
• Use free Bible study tools on computers and mobile devices

Ten in-depth studies focus on godly women like Ruth and Esther, and on what the Bible says about discretion, modesty, adornment, true beauty, and more.

Scripture quotations are from the KJV and ESV translations of the Bible.

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