A Mother/Daughter Tea in Florida

Yes, we are in Florida… again! Sarah and I flew down just for a few days to speak and bring our booktable to the Jacksonville, Florida homeschool conference. We came down again mainly to lay some groundwork and get the word out about the Bright Lights conferences we will be doing here in November.

After setting up our booth yesterday afternoon (all by ourselves without Stephen or my dad’s help… 🙁 ) Sarah spoke at a special Mother/Daughter tea. I didn’t mind tagging along. 🙂 Sarah spoke about how powerful it is when young people live fully for the Lord, surrender to God, and choose to be bright light in this darkening generation.

The atmosphere was very sweet with many girls evidently seeking the Lord and desiring His ways.

After the tea, we came back to the Russell’s house, the family who we have been staying with. Since they had some other friends over, I joined them in playing “kick the can”, hide and seek, and ultimate frisbee in the dark. Sarah joined us for the frisbee, but unfortunately she was on the other team and the other team won. Oh well. It felt really nice to “switch gears” and get all worn out and dirty from running around on a nice, humid, Florida night. 🙂

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