Ways YOU can help us spread the word

Thanks for your willingness to help us spread the word about the conference! We’re praying that Lord would bring just the right ladies, and that this would be a time of spiritual refreshment/encouragement that spurs them on to live their lives fully for Christ!

Here are some ideas about how you can help:


Contact us to receive the promo email about the conference.

Download promotional Materials

4×4 Image (For sharing on social media or texting to friends.)

5.5″ x 8.5″ Flyer   (Two flyers per page. Print double sided and cut in half.) Or contact us if you would like us to mail some to you.

8.5″ x 11″ Flyer

8.5″ x 14″ Poster 

In your church:

  • Talk to your pastor or a church leader and ask the best way to tell others in your church.
  • Post a flyer at your church (see download options above).
  • Forward the email to your church.

In your community:

  • Contact your local radio station (particularly Christian radio stations), and let them know about the conference!
  • Share information with your local homeschool or Classical Conversations group.
  • Hand out flyers at your Bright Lights group, youth group, etc.


  • Forward the email you received to any friends/family you think would be interested!
  • Invite Facebook Friends to the Facebook Event Page (and be sure to mark that you’re interested/going!): https://fb.me/e/1Y9DBDO2w
  • Share a post about the conference in any relevant Facebook groups (homeschooling groups, moms’ groups, etc.)
  • Text the graphic (download above) to friends & family you think would be interested. Here’s a sample message (feel free to copy & paste!):
      • There’s a conference happening September 20-21, and it made me think of you! It’s the Seeking Christ conference at the Kentucky Ark Encounter, and it teaches moms & daughters to seek the Lord with all their heart, grow in their daily time with God, be rooted in their identity in Christ, build closer relationships with family, and shine brightly for the Lord! There are more details here: https://bit.ly/3wCslp6
  • Share the press release on social media: https://faithnewsservice.com/bright-lights-to-host-2nd-conference-at-the-ark-encounter.
  • Share our social media posts about the conference, or write your own! 😊 Be sure to include the link (https://bit.ly/3wCslp6), and you can tag us (Bright Lights Ministry) and the Ark Encounter, too.

Other ways you can help us:

  • Share with us how Bright Lights has impacted you in the past…we’d love to use your testimony to share how the Lord has worked!
  • Are you preparing for the conference? Whether you’re reading one of our books, holding a flyer, or even leading/attending your local Bright Lights meeting, we’d love to share pictures on social media!