Teachers Sheets – Will Our Generation Speak?


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Using Will Our Generation Speak? as a Bright Lights Set
40 pages
Fits inside Bright Lights Leaders Manual

Each girl should get a copy of Will Our Generation Speak? written by Grace Mally. If Bright Lights leaders are giving away these books to the girls in her group, they are available for $5.00 each. If the girls are buying their own books, the price is $10.00 each.

This set is designed to have 10 meetings:
1. Witness While You are Young (chapters 1–2)
2. Getting Started (chapters 3–4)
3. Dealing With Fear (chapter 5)
4. How to Share the Gospel (chapters 6–7)
5. Keys to Confidence (chapter 8)
6. Prayer (chapter 9–11)
7. Practical Witnessing Ideas (chapters 12–13)
8. Creation Science (chapter 14)
9. Defending the Faith (chapter 15)
10. Run with Faith (chapter 16–17)

The girls should read the chapters that go along with each lesson before coming to the Bright Lights meeting. These Teachers Sheets will walk you through how to lead the meetings with the girls: reviewing the main points from the chapter, sharing thoughts that stood out to you, having a time of discussion as a group, doing an activity together, and eventually going out witnessing as a team.

The goal of this Bright Lights set is not just to learn about witnessing, but to start witnessing!

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