Surrender: The Heart God Controls


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Where do we begin to be used by God to fulfill His purpose in our world? The answer lies in our devotion to Jesus. Are you just making a contribution, giving Him back what you think you can spare or afford, or is Christ your life? There are three conditions that must be met by any one of us who wants or claims to be a disciple of Jesus Christ: (1) Sacrifice of our lives to God–when we see the sacrifice Christ made, we come to realize that nothing is too great to sacrifice for Him, all our rights, our reputation, our plans, our desires, ourselves; (2) Unconditional surrender to God of everything–we no longer ask what pleases us but what pleases the Lord! We surrender all our relationships, our physical bodies, what we eat, how we spend our money; (3) Lifetime choice to be slaves of Jesus Christ–it is because we love Jesus, our Master, that we want to offer Him our willing service all the days of our life.

By: Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 5 x 7.5 inches
Pages: 196 pages

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