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Recommended for ages 12-16 years old

“How dreadfully old I am getting! Sixteen!” So begins ‘Stepping Heavenward’ by Elizabeth Prentiss, the journal-like account of a
nineteenth century girl who learns, on the path to womanhood, that true happiness can be found in giving oneself for others. Her words
mark the start of your own unforgettable journey following Katherine as her life unfolds from sweet sixteen to her grown-up later years.
As she learns that true happiness is found in giving oneself to others, you, too, will be immeasurably encouraged to step heavenward –
to live with greater godliness, humility, tranquillity, and hope.

“This book is a treasure of both Godly and womanly wisdom told with disarming candor and humility, yet revealing a deep heart’s desire
to know God,” says noted Christian speaker Elisabeth Elliot. “I do not hesitate to recommend it to any woman who wants to walk with God.”


Format: Paperback
Author: Mrs. E. Prentiss
216 pages

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ELIZABETH PRENTISS (1818 -1878) was the daughter of an early nineteenth-century revival preacher and began writing as a teenager.
Born in 1818 in Portland, Maine, Prentiss was also the writer of the hymn “More Love to Thee, O Christ.” Prentiss died in Vermont in 1878.

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