Saved At Sea


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Recommended for children ages 8-12 years old

The waves are rising and the ship is on the rocks. Alick and his grandfather set out in their boat to save as many lives as
they can… but this time they only come back with one. A little girl is thrown overboard moments before a huge wave sweeps the
wreck away. Who is she? Where are her parents? What are they going to do? As the storm disappears on the horizon, the little mystery
girl touches the hearts of some very lonely people. Another stranger arrives on the island and Alick finds out that there is a rock
that you can depend on in life, whatever the storms throw at you. Jesus Christ will always be there – an anchor, a fortress, stronger
than a lighthouse on the rocks, stronger even than death!

Format: Paperback
Author: O. F. Walton
144 pages

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