Hummy and the Wax Castle

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It is important to start teaching foundations about creation to your children starting when they are very little. This book teaches children interesting facts about bees and the different jobs they do. It encourages children to explore God’s amazing creation.

Recommended for ages 5-12.
57 Pages
Published by the Institute for Creation Research

Have you ever watched a honeybee at work? Did you know that a bee lives in a castle–made of wax? Do you know which bees do different jobs? Come with Josh as he meets Hummy and learns exciting facts about bees. Discover what life is like in a wax castle!

God wants us to explore His creation. He is pleased when we marvel at the special parts of His plan for life.

Table of Contents
A Teeny Tiny Friend
Josh Takes a Closer Look
Head First
Super Bee!
An Inside Look at the Honey Maker
Time to Ponder
Stings and Other Things
The Queen and Her Castle
Wax Castles
And Life Goes On

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