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The lie of evolution must be exposed. Ben Stein’s amazing, much-discredited (by evolutionists!) documentary is worthy of an Academy Award(R). But it will never receive one, because it reveals that America is losing some of its most important freedoms (academic freedoms, especially in tax-supported institutions) because of what atheistic evolutionists are doing. You will be astounded at what they have already done to squash educational freedom and mock God. Stein does a masterful job of leading us—through a series of personal encounters and eye-opening interviews (plus comical excerpts from old movies)—to meet many people who have been expelled from their positions, or otherwise punished for not accepting evolutionism. A very popular “evolution-busting” tool to expose the lack of academic freedom in America’s schools today, we urge you to use it as a powerful resource for outreach. This film is an excellent springboard to tell people who the real intelligence behind the universe is: the Creator God of the Bible.

Format: DVD
Length: 90 min
Ages: 12 & up
Published: 2008
Rated: PG

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