Discovering Bible Study


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For a follower of Jesus Christ, learning to study the Bible is a life-changing skill.

Personal Bible study, like every skill or worthwhile project, requires personal discipline—but it’s worth it! This “hands-on” course teaches you The 7 Question Method as a way to study the Bible.

In the core portion of the course, Ken Fleming applies this method to different types of Bible passages (narrative, poetry, characters, etc.), walking you through the process, and in this way equipping you to learn a skill that will help you to understand God’s Word and apply its truths to your life.

7 Question Method:

  1. What is the context of the passage?
  2. What is the main idea? (in fifteen words or less)
  3. What are the supporting ideas?
  4. What are the teachings about Christ (if any)?
  5. What are the cross references to other Scriptures?
  6. What are the practical applications?
  7. What questions do I still have?


  1. Discovering Bible Study
  2. Discovering Bible Study Basics
  3. Discovering Bible Narratives
  4. Discovering Bible Poetry
  5. Discovering Bible Geography
  6. Discovering Bible Prophecy
  7. Discovering Bible Teaching Passages
  8. Discovering Bible Characters
  9. Discovering Bible Types
  10. Bonus Material: Resources for Bible Study
  11. Bonus Material: Passages for Practice

Author: Ken Fleming


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