Dinosaurs and the Bible


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60 pages
By Brian Thomas

“Where Did Dinosaurs Come From? Where Did They Go? How Long Ago Did They Live?”

Dinosaurs are often portrayed as living millions of years before man arrived on Earth – but what does the Bible have to say?

If Genesis is correct, then dinosaurs were created on the same day as humans, just thousands of years ago. Dinosaurs and the Bible explores the historical, scriptural, and fossil evidence that shows God’s Word is accurate and true not only about dinosaurs, but in everything it says.

Join Brian Thomas as he explores what the Bible has to say about Dinosaurs!

Table of Contents
When and Where Dinosaurs Lived
The Creation of Dinosaurs
Other Extinct Reptiles
Dinosaurs in the Fall and the Flood
Dinosaurs through the Ice Age
Dinosaur Extinction
Dinosaur Fossils
How to Examine Evidence
Fossil Graveyards
Dinosaur Tracks
Dinosaur Design
Variation in a Dinosaur Kind
Fossil “Feathers”
Original Tissue Fossils
What Was Behemoth?
What Was Leviathan?
What Was Nachash Saraph?
What Was Ketos?
Dinosaurs, the Bible, and Us

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