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The Spiritual and Scientific Voyage of the Eighth Man to Walk on the Moon

The eighth man to walk on the moon took the entire Bible seriously because he took its Author seriously. He rejoiced in the Genesis account of origins. He believed that God created the world in six, twenty-four hour days. That man was Col. James Irwin, the lunar vehicle commander for Apollo 15.

Destination: Moon recounts his amazing physical and spiritual journey to the moon. With spectacular photos and “you are there” text, you will experience what it’s like to train for four years as an astronaut. You will feel the emotions of lift-off, see the Earth from space, and explore the moon. As amazing as his accomplishment was, Astronaut Irwin viewed it as insignificant compared to the accomplishments of the Creator. Col. Irwin spent the rest of his life sharing this message: “Jesus walking on Earth is more important than man walking on the moon.” His legacy of faith and discovery is an inspiration even now, decades after he landed on the moon. Visually stunning.

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