Already Compromised


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What are the core beliefs of America’s Christian colleges and seminaries? What are students really taught at Christian college? AIG president Ken Ham and college president Dr. Greg Hall team up for this eye-opening assessment. The sequel to last year’s Already Gone, this new book looks at what administrators and professors actually believe and teach regarding the Bible and science. The findings are shocking!

This book takes a look at the original intent of the schools – what core mission were they founded on, do they still follow those core beliefs. There has been a change of focus by many of America’s most prestigious institutions. Over 200 Christian colleges and seminaries were surveyed.

You will find answers to questions about each school’s purpose, and their stance on the inerrancy of Scripture, origins and age of the earth, and many other things. A common theme is that those in Administration do not really know what is being taught, and little is being done to weed out unorthodox and errant teaching. The startling responses from presidents, vice-presidents and heads of key Bible and science chairs are discussed and reviewed in detail.

Format: Softcover
Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.
Pages: 192
Ages: 12 & up
Published: 2011

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