Did you know that in some ways younger girls have an advantage when it comes to sharing the gospel? The reason is this: people are not intimidated by them! Instead, they are impressed by their maturity. If a few sweet, smiley young girls go to the park and take “surveys” (questions about the gospel), people are almost always willing to talk! This is great approach to initiate conversations about Jesus. (And if anyone would like to know what questions we ask in our surveys, feel free to e-mail and ask.)

Last Monday evening a group of young ladies from our Bright Lights group gathered here at the Bright Lights office for a class on evangelism. We discussed various ways to engage people in conversation using tracts, surveys, the “wordless bridge”, etc. Then we divided up and practiced witnessing to each other. I am so excited about their enthusiasm.

We also watched a little witnessing clip from Way of the Master to learn what to say to atheists.

We’d appreciate prayer tomorrow evening (the 25th) because several of us will be going out witnessing together in the town square. Please pray that the Lord would strengthen and empower each one of us to overcome fear and experience the joy of blessing others with the Good News.

“And Jesus…said, Verily I say unto you, ‘Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.'” Matt 18:3

“Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” 1 Tim 4:12


  1. I am very interested in these surveys, I will e-mail you soon to now more!! I will pray for you tomorrow, I hope the Lord will bless you!!!

  2. “people are not intimidated by them!” I look forward to sharing that thought with my siblings!! Just earlier today, I started a witnessing class with my younger siblings!

  3. Hi Grace!

    We will be praying for all of you tomorrow! I pray that the Lord will bless you all and give you a boldness to share the truth!

    In Christ,

  4. I prayed for all of you tonight! Would love to hear any stories that the Lord brought to pass!

  5. I am soo happy to hear and to see what the Lord is doing through you all keep up the Good work!

  6. Hello, Sarah, Stephen, Grace! I read Making Brothers And Sisters Best Friends (of course I’m just eight years,) and read through a lot of stuff! Grace, I did read the story about your foot getting caught in a fishhook! Okay, that wasn’t funny. I remember that one I think Stephan wrote about trapping a few mice in a trap-they all fight and die leaving one mouse alive! Really funny. I do say, do not email me! I’ll comment feed now and then, oh! Our church is The Downtown Church, Birmingham Al. 300, 3rd ave. Our house church is at our house, do send me one email answering this (i’ll delete it afterwards): WERE DO YOU LIVE? Stephan, you’re pretty funny, Grace, you are youngest but I have you name my middle name! Sarah, your role is the oldest. So be responceable!


    Emma (Ivey’s comment following)

    Hey, Mally folks! I’m six and just say hi to grace, sarah, stephan! `Emma’s reading me MAKING BROTHERS AND SISTERS BEST FRIENDS! I love you,


  7. I don’t like the story of the fishook in your foot, Grace!

    ;-@————————;-( —————————————-make it————————-:-)

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