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DVD and Study Guide

Made by Reasons for Hope, with Carl Kerby

The deBunked Video Series #1 contains 6 animated, educational, entertaining, fast-paced and humorous apologetic videos packed full of sound logic and biblical truth. In this series they deBunk the following erroneous beliefs:

1. There’s No Evidence For God
2. God Doesn’t Mean What He Says
3. The Bible is Unreliable Because It’s Full of Errors.
4. I Can Have Real Hope without God
5. As A Christian I Don’t Need to Talk About Jesus (I Just need to live a good life)

Each clip is approximately 3-5 minutes long, and is useful to use during a presentation.

BONUS: All Those Creatures Couldn’t Have Fit on Noah’s Ark
Watch it here:

The study course includes Scripture verses to read and consider combating each one of these lies and group discussion questions. The emphasis is to Know it, Live it, and Share it!

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