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Instructions on How to Use This Multipurpose Family Book

1. Entertaining ABC Rhyme Book
Children and parents alike will enjoy the colorful and oftentimes humorous pictures on each page of this book. The first section can be used either by parents to read to their young children, or else children can read it for themselves. It will not only take them through the alphabet, but they will also learn about Biblical creation, dinosaurs, and salvation.

As you read each rhyme and comment on the pictures, encourage the children to remember the concepts that will help them defend the Bible, and reject evolutionary ideas.

2. Coloring Book
In the second part of the book, black and white drawings of the color pictures are included so that children can either color them in with their own color schemes, or copy the colors in the first section of the book. This will help reinforce the biblical concepts they learned as they read through the first part of the book.

3. Sunday School/Christian school/Home School/Home Devotional Teaching Book
The second part of the book contains notes for parents and teachers, along with student exercises which will enable children to go step-by-step through the concepts portrayed on each page. This book could also be used as a text for teaching the alphabet, as well as many things about science and the Bible, with an emphasis on dinosaurs, creation, and the flood. The Gospel message is clearly presented, and an opportunity for commitment is given. It is suggested that the black and white pictures be photocopied and handed out to each student, either to color in or just to keep as part of the lesson.

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