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How to Get Witnessing Conversations Started on the 4th

The fourth of July is an amazing time to share the gospel with people. They just set up their lawn chairs and blankets and then hangout until the fireworks start. It’s one time in the year when people aren’t busy. But isn’t it weird and awkward to start a conversation about spiritual things with a stranger? No, it actually doesn’t have to be at all! The key is to find a good approach and then just going out and practice!

Click here for some questionnaire ideas. Click here for the Price of Liberty tract that you can print for yourself. Click here to see Living Waters’ Fourth of July Million Dollar Bills. (There’s still time to order them for the fourth if you do it right away!)

Let’s pray for fruitful evangelism all over the country on the fourth of July! The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Remember, this is one thing that Jesus specifically told us to pray for.

Click here to see what the team of Bright Lights leaders did in Houston last year, and how we used the 4th of July Millions as conversation starters.

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  1. My brother, two friend, and I have been passing out a growing number of the Price of Liberty tracts each 4th of July ever since we read “Will Our Generation Speak”. My brother and I were so disappointed when we realized that leaving on a missions trip the previous day would prevent us from continuing that tradition. 🙁 We can’t even wear red on the 4th because the country we’ll be in associates red with Voodoo! Yikes! Anyway, I hope your witnessing conversations go great, Grace. Looking forward to hearing about it.

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