Baby Rescue


Some of you may remember the story in our book (chapter 5, page 109) about when I got a fish hook stuck in my foot. Today we recieved the following e-mail:

Just wanted to share how your book helped us in a practical way today. I have been working through “Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends” with my kids….
…Our favorite part are the stories you all share to relate your lessons. Well, thanks to one such story we were able to avoid tragedy here in the George home today. My little ones were playing and fishing out back in the lake when I heard some crying and went to see what was happening. My 1 year old had a fishing hook stuck through his mouth. Literally like you would catch a fish. All the way through! Well, your story immediately came to mind and thanks to that I knew NOT to pull the hook out because there is a barb on the end of the hook. We called 911 and waited on the fire rescue who came and cut the ends of the hook off and then were able to slide the rest out. He is doing great and sleeping peacefully as I type. I have thanked the Lord repeatedly for His care and for bringing your story to mind.

-Mother from Miami

Also note:
We just learned that this family has a 9-year-old boy, CJ, who was diagnosed with cancer last September and is preparing to go into a heavy, 7-week treatment beginning one week from today. Please keep this family in your prayers! Click here to visit their blog.


  1. Oh yes! I remember reading your book. It’s neat that GOD can help us even in trouble. 🙂

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