Home Speaking Ministry
A Brief History
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1993 – The Mallys began distributing Creation Science books at home school conferences. They felt that Creation Science and a firm view of the authority of Scripture is the foundation every family must have in order to be strong in the Lord.

1996 – Sarah began leading Bright Lights in the Mally's living room.

1997 – Harold and Sarah learned how to draw chalk art and began incorporating chalk talks with the harp concerts that the Mally children had already been giving. The combination proved to be an excellent tool for opening doors and sharing the messages the Lord had laid on their hearts with churches and groups around the country.

1999 – Sarah ran her first “Bright Lights Leader’s Training” to teach other young ladies to lead Bright Lights groups in their own areas.

2001 – The first Bright Lights Conference took place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This was instrumental in causing the young ladies in Sarah’s Bright Lights group to grow in maturity and leadership as they now had the opportunity to teach others what God was teaching them. 46 Bright Lights conferences have followed since that time.

2002 – Sarah, Stephen and Grace published Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends. They quickly realized how many families were anxious for materials and answers regarding sibling relationships, and they began speaking at home school conferences on this topic.

2002 – Stephen began leading a discipleship group for young men called the Light Shop. (LIGHT stand for Leaders in Godliness, Holiness, and Testimony)

2004 – Harold and Stephen ran the first Just Men Conference.

2007 –Sarah published Before You Meet Prince Charming. Nothing damages the lives of godly Christian young people more than the guilt they face when they make wrong decisions from temptations that come in this area of boy / girl relationships.  This resource was written to address this need.

The Lord provided a commercial office building where Tomorrow’s Forefathers has been hosting internships for Bright Lights and other aspects of the ministry. This was a much-needed, much-prayed for blessing from God!

“Noah's Archive: Books for Families” was opened for the community – carrying over 350 Creation science titles, as well as many other recommended resources for families.

2012 – Grace published Will Our Generation Speak? A Call to be Bold with the Gospel.
2014 – Stephen was hired for a fulltime job at our local newspaper as a photojournalist, while continuing to work with Tomorrow's Forefathers. First “Witnessing Conference” was held.

2015  – Will Our Generation Speak: Study Guide and Handbook was published.

Many have contributed hours upon hours to serve alongside the Mally family and Bright Lights staff to make these efforts succeed. It is has been exciting to see the Lord’s hand at work.