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boy drawing“As a Biblical Christian counselor for over thirty years, I have counseled hundreds of young people…This book is a tool every family needs. It will help you achieve your goals of family harmony.” –Dr. Jim Logan, Intl. Center for Biblical Counseling

“Worth its weight in gold!” –Old Schoolhouse Magazine

“This painfully honest, hilarious book offers a creative look at how to build relationships between siblings. We read a few pages every day, and I am always delightfully surprised by how well the children apply what we have read.” –Beall Phillips, Vision Forum

“It speaks to a critical need for families. We recommend it for families in Illinois.” Illinois Christian Home Educators

“Easy to read, reflective, and full of constructive ideas” –Marion Independent School District

“This is a fun-to-read, realistic book and would be an asset to any family’s library.” –The King’s Daughter Magazine

“This is a major piece of work. It addresses many biblical and Christlike qualities of life and illustrates them well.” –Dr. Daniel Smith, Chancellor of Emmaus Bible College

Comments from Parents

“Our book is so worn and torn and dog-eared. We are missing most of the pages. It is full of encouraging and funny and amazing testimonies.” –Family in Texas

“WOW! I can tell you that I read your book in one sitting and I laughed so hard that my kids had to ask me to keep the noise down.” –Sue, Mother

“A tremendous blessing to us, it is something that our family really needed. Good stuff!!! It works! – works!! – works!!!" –Glen, father

“We enjoyed it immensely and read it for our family devotions." –Jeannette, mother

“What an incredible tool this book is! I found it absolutely packed with useful information. No doubt one of the best books and most enjoyable I’ve ever read.” –Kim, mother

“This book should be required reading for all families.” –Hilary, mom

“I wept as I began reading your book. I know God is going to use this book for total restoration in our family.” -Marty, mother

“The stories had us roaring because it sounded just like our family.” –Family in Colorado

“What a delightful book! I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was much more. First of all, it is simply very well written and organized. Most importantly, it has some profound messages to share. After reading the first few chapters, I decided to use it as a read aloud to the kids. The book is simply full of Godly wisdom, instruction in character and relationship building and personal examples of putting ideas to work. The book is written to brothers and sisters, by sisters and a brother. Each chapter has a section written by each of these three siblings. It is very engaging and uses many personal examples and lots of humor. By the time you finish, you feel you’ve gotten to know the authors. My five year old likes the pictures on the back so she can put a face with the people telling the story. If my children put even a fraction of these ideas to work in their relationships with each other, they will be on their way to truly being 'Best Friends.' I would encourage any parent to get this for their children to read (it would take a mature child to put it to use on their own) or to read to them. You’ll probably find much of the instruction profitable for your own use (as I did!) with your children and in other relationships.” –Mother from Minnesota

“Thank for getting together and writing the book 'Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends.' Our children are young – 8, 7 and 5, but we used this book in our homeschooling devotional time which we read together. My kids always looked forward to sitting and listening to the anecdotes in your book. More importantly, it has made them much more conscious of the way they treat each other, and so, the love of Jesus is working into their hearts towards each other” -Patritia, Mother

“I am a home schooled mom who read your book 'Making Sisters and Brothers Best Friends' aloud to my kids a few years back. We had so much fun reading it and laughing. The children could all relate. I had each of them do your little quizzes. What a blessing your book was.” –Mother of 11, 13, and 15-year-old children

“We read your book Making Siblings Best Friends and it was AWESOME! My son was deeply affected by it and realized how he was relating in ways that didn’t help his sister so he started repenting to her. She then began repenting to me when she did things that were wrong. It is a marvelous resource and we HIGHLY recommend it to people.” -Mother from Denver

Comments from Children

“My sisters and I like (reallllly like) your book.” –Hannah, age 10

“I want to tell you how much your book has changed me. My mom reads a small part of it every day and I always wish she would keep reading. I believe your book is making me and my brothers and sisters best friends.” –Joshua, age 11

“I really liked Stephen’s funny stories. I will stop bugging my brothers.” –Jason, age 7

“I loved your book. But personally I think my brother needs it.” –Anonymous