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sistersI just wanted to share a BLESSING with you.  I am using your book for my class in school and we are working our way through it slowly. We had gotten to the “Six Reasons for Family Conflict” on page l4.  When I got to the part on “bitterness” I felt led of the Holy Spirit to stop and ask the students if there were any people they could think of that they were bitter against. All but one of the students admitted there were. We had a time of prayer, allowing the students to confess to God their sin of bitterness for each person the Lord brought to their minds. One student had tears when he looked up. We had been praying much that God would use this book to work on the students relationships, not only in their homes but at school.  I am excited to see what God will do in the upcoming weeks. – Sharon, Teacher

I have five siblings and I do not have any patience.  I am constantly thinking about how annoying they are and I am so glad to be able to read this book. I appreciate the fact that you write in a very understanding and knowledgeable way. It’s encouraging to me to know that there is someone out there willing to tell about their mistakes in a humorous way. I always find it difficult to admit my faults.  What are your suggestions for dealing with a brother who is sarcastic and likes to fight?  I always seem to lose my temper with him and even when I can keep calm, I can hardly ever stay that way for the amount of time it takes him to get tired of it.  I would appreciate your help. – Hannah, age 12

I read the entire book in just a few days.  It is very creative, easily understood, Christ honoring and helpful.  Now, for the best part… my relationship with my siblings has (in my opinion) radically changed!  I had tried for years to become best friends with my siblings, and had earnestly sought the Lord in that area and it had been very gradually getting better, but after reading this book and just giving my relationship with my siblings to the Lord, He has blessed our relationship greatly.  I feel a greater sense of peace (instead of war) in our home..I now feel that I can share to an extent some of my thoughts and or problems with some of them…I enjoy being with them much more… and when I leave for a few hours or a day or more, I actually miss them  and wish to be around them :-), and the best of all... I consider them my bestest :-) friends :-) ! – Lydia, age 14

I just wanted to say thank you all for writing your book.  It has changed my outlook toward my family, and most of all towards my little sister.  I think we are becoming closer.  Also I have started ATTACH with my older sister and we are having a great time.  We are reading your book together taking turns every week when we meet. Thanks a lot! – Kate, young girl

sistersI HAD to write you!  I don’t even know where to start!  I am a homeschooling mother of four children.  We have a LOT of problems.  My husband and I have prayed and fasted to what seems like no avail but their lack of relationship has broken our hearts.  Today I just had it with them arguing again over lunch dishes.  I told them I didn’t even know what to do anymore but something was going to change TODAY.  I walked down to the basement. On the couch laid a box that had come in the mail and had been brought in without my knowledge.  It was your book “Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends”.  I had forgotten I ordered it.  I read the first paragraph of the book by Sarah and wept.  I KNOW God is going to use this book for total restoration in our family.  I sat and read the first chapter to my kids. Oh how I praise God for you and your family and writing this book already.  You will be hearing more form me as time passes so that I can share our testimony. – Mother

I fell back into a routine of reading my Bible and reading Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends.  My depression left and I began to have joy in doing things again.  About two weeks before my grandparents were going to visit us, I was reading the chapter in Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends about keeping a clear conscience.  I agreed with the chapter whole-heartedly but then I suddenly remembered the books I had been reading and I froze.  I knew in that split second that I had been so wrong in reading those books and that I had deceived and lied to my mom about them.    I was afraid to tell my mom about what I had done but I knew I would have no peace until I confessed and asked forgiveness so I set a date to tell her and waited until then with a heavy and fearful heart. When I told her everything that I had done wrong it seemed to well up in me and spill out of my mouth.  I was in tears and I begged her forgiveness. I cannot begin to explain the joy I felt when she forgave me.  I felt so light and so free, like Pilgrim did in Pilgrim’s Progress when his burden fell off at the foot of the cross. – Brianna, 12 years old

I thought you might be encouraged to hear how your book "Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends" has blessed our family. In May we adopted a ten year old, Spanish speaking boy from Guatemala. He was having a very difficult time accepting our fourteen year old daughter, his new big sister. I purchased two copies of Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends, one in Spanish for our new son and one in English for our daughter. We are reading it together. Our son reads a section out loud from his Spanish version then our daughter reads the same section in English. The book is helping our son to understand appropriate brother-sister relationships and has encouraged our daughter to be patient and forgiving towards her brother during this time of adjustment. I can see the Lord using the scriptural teaching and testimonies in the book to work in each of their hearts. Our son has made tremendous improvements in his relationship with his sister. She is realizing the value of nurturing a godly relationship with her new brother and has been able to get through the initial rejection she felt without harboring bitter feelings. I am gaining insight on how to instruct and encourage them both. Thank you for being faithful to allow the Lord to minister through your family. – Mother

One day when I was outside a boy took my letter. I remembered the story in your book when Sarah was in 1st grade and the pencil. So I bought a flashlight for the boy and he was surprised and now I’m his friend. – Hannah, age 9