20140913_133653_29813 Hello! Thank you for visiting! I decided to undertake the occupation of “family journalist,” so this is a site where I post recent news, pictures and stories from our family, sharing some of what we see the Lord doing. Please visit www.willourgenerationspeak.com for information about the book on witnessing or www.brightlightsministry.com for more about the Bright Lights ministry.

“The Lord lives, and blessed be my rock, and exalted be the God of my salvation” Psalm 18:46

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  1. Hi Grace…We met at the Homeschool Convention in Long Beach a few years ago. I’m a dad of 8 and mentioned to your sister about our science project. I’ve had your blog on my favorites for a couple years and flipped into it today and learned about the Bieglers. Shocking. How old are the children. From your pictures, it looks like there are some very young ones. How is everyone holding up?

    Don Miller (you can see me on our site and see if you remember.)

  2. Hi Grace! My name is Emma, and I’ve read your sisters book, “Before You Meet Prince Charming. I’m also currently reading Do Hard Things, and there’s an inspiring story in it about someone named Grace Mally… Is that you? Thanks for your service to Christ!! Be blessed. Xo, Emma

  3. Hi Emma, yes, that was a story I sent to Alex and Brett when they were writing… 🙂 Hope you’re being blessed by “Do Hard Things” –I know it was a blessing to me when I read it. Thanks for the note, and for your encouragement! -Grace

  4. Hello Grace! My name is Faith and after reading your book “Will our generation speak?” I have decided to take a group of friends to the mall to witness! Any advice?

  5. Hey Faith, Praise the Lord – that is fantastic to hear! First, I’d recommend you pray fervently beforehand for the Lord to give you open doors for the gospel and soften hearts ….at the mall, you could try using a few optical illusion gospel tracts as a tool for starting conversations with teens. They are good conversation starters: http://store.livingwaters.com/gospel-tracts/conversation-starters.html. Sometimes the people who are selling from the kiosks are the most eager to talk, esp. during quieter times when there are few customers.

  6. Okay! Thanks so much! Is there a way I could keep in touch with you about this? I’m a little nervous about it and I’m also excited!

  7. Hello!
    I have no idea if you’ll remember me, but we used to write to each other. My name was Kristi/Krissy Hair ( now Kristi Malin). We met at Mountain Ridge Bible Chapel in Berkeley Heights, NJ. I was just reading some articles on other sites and I thought of you and your family. Glad to see you are all doing well! I would love to get in touch again. ^_^
    Love in Christ,

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