Better Than Anyone Expected…

First of all, thank you all so much for your kind comments and prayers. It means so much to us, and is so sweet of you all.

We were very surprised by the doctor’s words when he came out to tell us how the surgery went this morning: There was no tumor, and the ovaries were perfectly healthy! What had appeared as a tumor was the appendix. They said the appendix was as hard as a rock. It had shown up on the ultrasound as a solid mass next to the ovary. So, the doctor left the ovaries and removed the appendix. This was about the best news we could have heard — better than any of us expected! No tumor, no cancer, just an appendix removal! Mom is perfectly healthy. Praise God!

After the surgery, mom was very upbeat. [smile] We are now all celebrating, so grateful to the Lord for his undeserved goodness. Now we are all at home eating chicken noodle soup (along with mom).

Grateful For…

-The wonderful Christian doctor who performed the surgery.

-That even if we would have found out that mom had cancer, we are well cared by our Heavenly Father and it still would have all been okay (1 Peter 1).

-We had some very good talks with people we met in the waiting room and nurses! This made the morning extra special.

-We are grateful to friends who joined us at the hospital this morning — especially Deb and Nickie Biegler who have been battling cancer in their own family. Please pray for Nickie’s dad, Todd. They found out he had cancer last August. It has been a long difficult journey for their family. Please join us in lifting them to the Lord in prayer.

“It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto Thy name, O Most High: To shew forth thy lovingkindness in the morning and Thy faithfulness every night” (Psalm 92:1-2).

26 Responses to “Better Than Anyone Expected…”

  1. Miranda Says:

    SO thankful!!! Thanks for sharing this. We are rejoicing with you!!! And we will be in prayer for Todd Biegler. I love it how, even tho’ we may not know the person in need of prayer, we can pray for one another. What an awesome God we serve!! Blessings, Miranda

  2. Sarah B Says:

    Praise God! I’m so glad, and I’ll be praying for the others as well.
    Praying for a quick recovery from the surgery!
    In Christ,
    Sarah B

  3. Rebecca K. Says:

    Wow! Amazing! That’s neat! I was just thinking of you and praying for you when I decided to get on the computer and there was your post! Praise God! Hope your mom has a speedy recovery. God bless! Rebecca from Missouri

  4. Haley Says:

    Oh praise the LORD! wWhat an answer to prayer. May the name of our precious savior be.praised.
    Haley :)

  5. Lisa Says:

    What great news! God has blessed your family. I’m so happy for you!! And thankful your mom is well and able to continue supporting your ministry and serving your family and church. :)

  6. Katrina Says:

    Praise GOD! He is so great! I am so happy for your family. Oh Grace, I am so pleased. What a testament of His mercy and strength!

  7. Karen Says:

    That is wonderful news! I will be praying for your mom as she continues to recover. We experienced something very similar in our family last July – We found out that our mom had a huge tumor on her ovary, and the blood tests came back positive for ovarian cancer. After surgery, the 11lb. mass was tested again, and, praise the Lord, it was not cancerous at all! :-) I am so happy to hear such a wonderful, and surprising update on your Mom! Thank you for reminding us to pray for the Bieglers too – we serve a powerful and loving God and He will do what is the very best! :-)

    Karen F

  8. Karissa Stam Says:

    Hugs and continued prayers,

  9. Laura W. Says:

    Praise God! Glad to hear it.

  10. Kelsey M. Says:

    Praise God!!! That is awseome:-)


  11. Carolyn Says:

    Praise the Lord!
    So glad to hear it!

  12. Jolynn Says:

    So glad to get that news! Yes, no matter what, He always IS faithful:)

  13. Becca Says:

    Praise the Lord! So glad to hear this!
    Thanks for letting us know.

  14. Sara Says:

    Praise the Lord! We were praying for your family and are grateful to hear the good news.

  15. Lydia Borengasser Says:

    WoW! Praise the Lord! What exciting news!

  16. Allison Says:

    Praise the Lord! He is so good! Also, thank you for the reminder to continue prayer for the Bieglers!

  17. Esther Says:

    I’m so glad to hear that!

  18. Daniel Blom Says:

    Awesome! The mercy of the LORD never ceases, and great is His faithfulness. Praise the Lord!

  19. Spencer Rothfuss Says:

    That is SO terrific!
    Praise the Lord!

  20. Alison Turner Says:

    Praise the Lord! :D

  21. Genevieve Kaiser Says:

    The Lord goes above and beyond what we ever expect! So thankful your mom is OK. Praying for continued healing.

  22. Elizabeth Lindsay Says:

    I am glad she is doing alright!

  23. Rachael Says:

    Praise the Lord!!!

  24. Emily Says:

    I am so glad to hear the great report. The Lord truly blesses those who serve Him faithfully,keep up the good work.

  25. Lily Says:

    I’m so thankful everything is fine!! Praise the Lord!! And may God continue to bless your family!!

  26. Monique Says:

    ok, I’m late, but so relieved for all of you.

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