Today is Sarah’s Birthday!

If anyone wants to know how old she is, the answer is found in Joshua 15:32. (I decided to make you work for it. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

We have a little family tradition of going to coffee shops occasionally on snowy mornings. This morning we had two reasons to go to a coffee shop: it was snowing, and it was Sarahโ€™s birthday! What a great way to start the day out right!


At breakfast this morning I was telling the family something I really like about Sarah. It’s this: If she is excited about something, she gets the whole family excited about it. If she is discouraged, she takes it to the Lord but doesnโ€™t spread the discouragement to others. My family agreed with me. People like that are nice to be around. ๐Ÿ™‚

One thing I really appreciate about Sarah is the great advice she gives me when I go to her seeking counsel. She almost always has the exact answer I need to hear! Sarah is also the most patient person I think I’ve ever met! (And, remember, a little sister would know how patient a person really is… ๐Ÿ™‚ ) She definitely practices what she teaches.

Sarah, thank you for being such a wonderful big sister, and for all the ways you’ve led me closer to Jesus. Thank you for your example of one who walks closely with God. I love you!!

โ€œThe Lord is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation. The sound of joyful shouting and salvation is in the tents of the righteous; the right hand of the Lord does valiantly. The right hand of the Lord is exalted; the right hand of the Lord does valiantly.โ€ (Psalm 118:14-16)

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  1. The Lord’s hand truly is valiant. I realize this as I observe His work in the lives of young ladies. Because of God using you to develop the Bright Lights discipleship lessons, there are about 20 young ladies here who have been helped greatly in their walk with the Lord and serving Him in various ways.

    To meet together in Bright Lights helps them to encourage each other as well. I have taken eight of the older ones through your leadership training tapes, and they are now helping in the start-up of a group of young ladies at Park City, about 15 miles from us. They also have the opportunity twice a month to minister to the elderly at a local care home. Thank you for your part in their spiritual development. (Their mothers, too, have been very excited about Bright Lights).

    Rejoicing in the Lord, and praying you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY celebrating His

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah! We love you! I am so thankful that the Lord brought you into my life as a godly mentor for many years, a wonderful music teacher, and a friend. May the Lord continue to draw you closer to Him each and everyday of this new year of your life.
    Rachel Wallace

  3. Dear Sarah,

    We just had our first 2008 meeting on Monday! Our group has grown recently to about 24 girls, most of them new and under 10 years old. They are so enthusiastic about Bright Lights and all their little sisters are counting the days until they can come too. ๐Ÿ™‚
    At the last meeting we had, we challenged the girls to memorize the Christmas story (Luke 2). We were surprised this meeting when about three quarters of them had done it! Of course, they had it memorized in about four different versions, which produced many giggles when they all tried to recite it together. ๐Ÿ™‚
    We finished set seven last year, and since most of the girls were not in the group when it started, we did set one, lesson one again. To give it a new twist, we added to what we did before by talking about some of the famous people in history who used their time for the Lord in their youth; like young John Smith, who wrote in his diary that he wished to “separate myself from my peers.”
    Many Birthday Blessings to you!

    Keeping you in prayer,

    Love Emily and Aubrey

  4. Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope that you had a very special one. I cannot help but think how proud Grandma Mally would be of you! (you too stephen and you too Grace!)I can also remember the small group of Bright Lights you had in your back yard. How good the Lord has been!

    What a sweet testimony that your sister Grace gave to you! You are a blessing to me!
    Annette Hesson

  5. Happy Brithday Sarah! May God bless you, and continue to use you to glorify Him and encourage others.
    Just a quick up date of how our Bright Lights group in Va is doing.
    The girls are so wonderful to work with. God has really blessed me with their friendship. We have started a Bright Lights Library and on Feb 9th we are planning a Bright Lights Banquet for all the girls and their families. I hope to soon have a mini series about the love of God and we have been all working together on the book “before you meet prince charming”.

    Have a happy Brithday
    Natasha W.

  6. Happy be-lated Birthday Sarah!
    Even though I don’t know you very well you have been such a good example and encouragement to me! I am so thankful for you!
    The Bright Lights group in Perry is going well but we took a break this month to just think over what direction we need to be heading. We asked the girls and the parents to give input too. It was encouraging for me to read about the other groups and to see how the Lord is working!
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday! God bless you as you continue to serve Him!
    Kendra DeFord

  7. All of the girls in the Brookfield Bright Lights group wish you a happy birthday! I hope this birthday was the best yet and that you’re enjoying another year in the Lord:)
    Courtney V. Lantis

  8. Blessed, blessed, happy, happy, happier birthday Sarah!! *Big hug* Thank you for your ministry that has impacted my life so much, thank you for the example that you are to me. Your godliness, virtue, just the way you serve and love others, gentleness, and how you treat everyone as important is very striking to me.. May the Lord continue to bless you and cause you to prosper and truly blossom in His love! I am thankful to know you ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Belated Happy Birthday, Sarah!

    We will be going over Session 7 in the first set this week, and I have personally been very blessed by the ministry you are all doing through Bright Lights. Oh yeah, I think the girls like it, too! We have a steady group of 10, with another adding this week. I am amazed at the maturity of some of the girls, and encouraged. I know they are an encouragement to the others, too, that are struggling more. May God continue to bless the work you are doing.

    Mrs. Ritzman

  10. I know it’s a little late, but we just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, Sarah!! We so appreciate your godly example and all the work you have done with Bright Lights!

  11. Happy Birthday!

    You are such a wonderful friend…thank you so much for everything you have been willing to pour into me. I pray that God blesses you with wonderful insights into his word! I hope to see you soon!


  12. Sarah! Hello and Happy Belated Birthday!I thought I should give you a little update on our now growing Bright Lights group in small Tracy MN! For one thing, the girls love it and we usually have moms staying as well, because it is quite a drive for some of them! I love teaching them what God has taught me! I have also learned so much from your material, probably more than they have! ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, Thank you for all your hard work devotion! God Bless!
    -Annika Sahlstrom

  13. God bless you sister, and Happy Birthday a bit late! I’m so amazed by all these notes to you; you’ve touched a lot of lives (including mine!) and God has used you in a lot of ways. God bless you; have a fantastic year.

  14. We are so thankful our girls are a part of Bright Lights. They are so excited about every meeting and enthusiastically do their lessons. Bright Lights and Light Shop has defiantly been an answer to one of our long term prayers. God answers in mysterious ways sometimes, by moving us to Iowa. Thank you all for going after Christ, denying yourselves [forgetting, ignoring, disowning, and losing sight of yourselves and your own interests] and taking up your cross, and [joining Christ as a disciple and siding with His party] following Him [continually, cleaving steadfastly to Him]

  15. Happy Birthday Sarah from our Cincinnati Bright Lights group! Our group has grown to about 15 girls. We are in the third set and learning about How to Reflect Christ in Every Response. The girls are learning and growing in the Lord more each time we meet! It is exciting to be a part of their lives in this way! They are teaching me so much as well. Thank you for your service to the Lord and to all of us!

  16. Blessed Birthday Sarah! We’re sorry we’re late! We’ve been very blessed by you. May God bless you with Wisdom, strenght and love! Thank you for being so joyful all the time!

  17. Sorry this is late Sarah, but a very merry birthday all the same! Praying this year brings lots of blessings and joys. Love, Elyssa

  18. Hi Sarah!

    This is VERY late – we’re so sorry! Anyway, happy happy birthday from Singapore! May God bless you abundantly as you serve Him and continue to shine forth His love. Love and miss you!
    ~Danielle and Petra Lee~

    P.S. Jolynn left for Indianapolis early this morning – we are so going to miss her!

  19. This is a VERY VERY VERY VERY belated Happy Birthday. I love your Bright Lights! I am inspired by you and want to start a Bright Lights group someday around my area.

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