Topeka, KS, Radiant Purity Conference

One of the highlights of our Bright Lights conference trips is the encouraging fellowship time before each conference when we (our group of leaders) share with each other what God is teaching us from the Word.

Once the conference begins, things become very busy!

The skits always keep us on our toes. Often someone is missing something backstage (well, that would usually be me [smile]) and we all frantically hunt for it… but it usually comes together just in time. [smile]

Many girls say one of their favorite parts of the conference was the chalk talk.

This skit on Saturday afternoon was about trusting God instead of listening to our fears.

Saturday night it usually takes several hours to pack up. Thankfully, we work as a team. (i.e. I take pictures while they work. Just kidding. [smile]) …And, though we’re tired, we are usually working with encouraged hearts – appreciating the many blessings God gave during the week and the ways we saw Him work.

Bins ready to be loaded into the trailer!

One sad part of each conference is saying goodbye to so many special friends…like little Bethany (whose family was hosting the conference). She had become Lilly’s little shadow. [smile]

We are now in Carrollton, Texas, and the Radiant Purity Conference here starts in about four hours. Thank you to any who are praying for us. I will be posting pictures from the “Strong in the Lord” conference here tomorrow.

“Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.” (Lam 3:22-23)

Downtown on the 4th!

The 4th of July is one of the best times I know of for witnessing. People just sit around bored waiting for the fireworks to start. Everyone is in a festive mood, and many are very open to conversation!

A group of 12 of us gathered downtown to share the gospel with people. It turned out to be a terrific evening.

Here Michael Biegler and Jonathon Olson were having a conversation with a couple who were a bit argumentative, yet interested and friendly. They talked for over 30 minutes.

In the picture above, Nickie and Hannah talked with several older ladies. Sometimes older people know a lot of Christian terminology but have never actually understood the simplicity of the gospel!

As I was taking the above picture, I also noticed two girls sitting a ways away, listening to Nickie. Later, Nickie told me she talked to those two girls as well! She said they were seriously interested, and close to the point of putting their faith in Christ! Please pray for them.

My dad and Brad had several great conversations. They came back to our group afterwards with excitement and it was fun hearing their report!

When it got dark we all came together to share stories. Few activities are as satisfying as getting the gospel out to many people.

At Bright Lights last Monday, Sarah, Stephen and I taught a meeting on witnessing. (We combined the girls in Bright Lights and the guys from Stephen’s Light Shop group.) In the picture above, Michael is sharing a story from one of his conversations from the 4th:

One couple he talked with claimed to be believers, so he asked them, “Do you share your faith very much?”

“Well…” the guy hesitated.

Michael replied, “Well, suppose you were a fireman and someone was in danger on the 2nd floor of a burning building, and you had all the equipment to rescue him–”

About this point, Michael noticed that the wife gave a little half-smile, and glanced at her husband.

“He is a fireman,” she said.

Michael laughed and replied, “Oh, then you will really relate to this. Okay, what if you didn’t rescue that person even though you had the ability to do so? You would be in big trouble, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh yeah!” the guy strongly affirmed.

“Well, as a fireman you are only saving them from an earthly death, but when we share the gospel we are showing them the way to be saved from eternal death. Which do you think is more important?”

This leaves us all with a challenge. Let’s view life from an eternal perspective, obey the commands of Jesus, and enjoy the blessings of being in the battle WITH CHRIST.

Unusual Mission in Washington DC!

Last weekend, Nickie and I were in Washington DC … for a very unique purpose.

We were helping Answers in Genesis pass out 4,000 DVDs and hundreds of books to public school teachers across the nation. These were teachers who had gathered for the NEA (National Educators Association) Convention.

It was a high-energy, challenging, and very encouraging weekend!

If you look closely, you’ll see that a lot is happening: Dan Lietha (AIG’s Cartoonist) is drawing free caricatures while Dan Breeding is using his owl to teach about God’s creation. Others are passing out the DVDs and engaging in scientific and gospel conversations.

Yes… the booth received a lot of attention. Praise God!

Not everyone was very happy about what we stood for. This man was protesting by pacing back and forth in front of our booth with his sign until authorities forced him to leave.

While Dan Lietha drew caricatures, Nickie and I got to know the teachers standing in line. Some stood in line for over an hour, and we had the opportunity to share the gospel with many of them. And sometimes, James or Tony preached the gospel to all of them at once, as pictured above.

Nickie’s conversation with these three girls lasted over an hour. They were full of spiritual questions.

Dan’s monitor lizard received lots of attention.

So did the owl.

While sight-seeing before and after the conference, we also had many unique opportunities to praise God for. [smile] One morning Nickie and I had an great conversation with the shuttle driver. (Shuttle is in the picture behind Nickie across the street). Sometimes it’s hard to know how to start conversations with shuttle drivers about the gospel. But this time, I decided to just come out and ask him a straight-forward question. Only have one chance, right?! [smile]
“I have a question for you,” I told him. “If you died today do you think you would go to Heaven?” I asked (or something close to that).
Although the man said he was Orthodox Christian, he wasn’t very confident in his beliefs, wanted answers, and then thanked us warmly, saying, “I learned something today!”
What a refreshing start to the morning!

Here was another neat encounter. As we walked by this bus driver who was waiting for his passengers to return, we handed him a tract about the 4th of July. Then, after walking another fifty yards, we decided we should go back and talk to him more. And we were really glad we did. Turns out he was a believer and wanted more of our tracts to give to his passengers!

What a gift from God to have the opportunity not just to visit DC, but to pass out thousands of DVDs and books that will be going into the homes of influential people all across the country. Please join us in praying that those resources change our country from the inside out – one life at a time!

For more pics and video clips of the action, see HERE.